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User friendly interface that makes submitting documents seamless

No waiting on hold
Just click a button to request a live interpreter. We are always seconds away, ready to help you.
Accessible any time at a low cost
We call you on any phone in the world. No more international phone plans, just request an interpreter from any device with internet access and we will call you back.
Not directly in front of your customer? Initiate a conference call in an instant.
Reach out to the world
Looking to expand into international markets? We can translate your documents, fliers, images, even cartoons into any language.
Are you multilingual? Take advantage of your language skills and join our network of interpreters.
Get Great Rates Our interpreters get rewarded based on their performance. Through our rating system, get our customers to know you. The more our customers like you, the higher your rate will be and the more calls you will get.
Manage Your Schedule TalkLingo is a great way to work doing what you love, whenever you can. Interpreters choose their own schedule, make yourself available when it's more convenient for you.
Connect People We all are becoming more and more global. Help people all over the world overcome language barriers.
How do I receive a call at an international number?

Just remember to include the country code when you input the number in the Call me At space. For example, if you want to be called to a number in India, you need to enter 91 before the phone number.

What happens if I run out of credit during a call?

No problem! You can chose an auto-refill option once your balance reaches a certain amount. Our interpreters won't leave you stranded when you need them.

What does the "My Number" feature mean?

It is the feature that allows you to tell us which is the best number to reach you at. Whether you want the interpreter to call you on your mobile or a land line, we make sure we are calling the most convenient number for you.

How do you charge me?

We bill you by the minute. You can easily manage your account and purchase credit from our app.

Can I join TalkLingo if I'm a highly specialized interpreter?

Of course! Our customer's needs range from more basic every day conversations to more technical situations, like an unexpected visit to the doctor. If you are an experienced interpreter, or have an advanced or native speaker command of any language, we want to work with you.